Rustic Ash Chairs

As part of the National Trust’s contemporary arts programme, Trust New Art, designers Peter Thwaites and Rebecca Aird - Rapture & Wright - were commissioned to create a collection of three wallpapers and fabrics to be used as bespoke furnishings for parts of the house, reflecting the ethos of Standen’s architect Philip Webb and textile designer William Morris.

The Servants' Wing was redesigned by Peter and Rebecca and the 'Beehive' chair created by Mark Griffin, Rustic Ash Chairs, was chosen to be part of the new Butler's Pantry design.  The contemporary design of the 'Beehive' chair, made of green ash wood, is inspired by the Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner. The chair features 3 steam-bent hoops of ash to create the back and oak pegs were used to secure visible tenon end joints. A Danish cord weaved seat finishes off this stunning chair.
The Standen Collection exhibition is available for viewing from September 2017 to 27th April 2018.   
  1. Managing Director
    View from the lawn
  2. Managing Director
    About The Standen Collection - Peter Thwaites and Rebecca Aird
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
    A proud moment in the history of Rustic Ash Chairs!
  5. Managing Director
    Plan of the Servants' Wing showing newly designed areas
  6. Managing Director
    Mark proudly holding a copy of his interview
  7. Managing Director
    The history and background of Mark's green ash wood chair making.
  8. Managing Director
    The 'Beehive' chair in the Butler's Pantry
  9. Managing Director
    View from the courtyard
  10. Managing Director
    Narrative of the inspiration behind the design
  11. Managing Director
    Narrative of the inspiration behind the design
  12. Managing Director
    Reading the design inspiration
  13. Managing Director
    Can you spot the wall plates?
  14. Managing Director
    The 3 newly designed fabrics
  15. Managing Director
    A cabinet full of design concepts and ideas
  16. Managing Director
    Close-up of the wallpaper
  17. Managing Director
    'Beehive' chair and table
  18. Managing Director
  19. Managing Director
    The Servants' Hall
  20. Managing Director
    Design patterns
  21. Managing Director
    Taking design inspiration from nature
  22. Managing Director
    Design board sketches and ideas
  23. Managing Director
    Designer's sketch of the 'Beehive' chair and table
  24. Managing Director
    Such an amazing tree and root on the entrance road to Standen House